About Darlene

Darlene was born in Cincinnati and became interested in music at an early age. She studied piano for twelve years and violin for six years. However, since listening to a harp concert in fifth grade, she wanted to play the harp. Life moved ahead and Darlene became the Church organist at the age of sixteen and started teaching piano in her early twenties. By this time she had married, moved to Rising Sun, Indiana, and started a family.

In June of 2000, Wm. Rees Instruments/Harps on Main moved to Rising Sun and Darlene’s dream started to come true. When the store first opened its door, Darlene was there to try the harps. She fell in love with them instantly and ordered the biggest one. She was sent home with a rental harp to learn to play. Since she had an extensive music background and was so enthusiastic, Darlene was hired to demonstrate the harps and manage the showroom at Harps on Main.

Darlene with Puppy

“My teaching method is casual and light-hearted. I feel you should have fun while you learn to play!”

Darlene has made three harp CDs, “The Harp and the Rising Sun”, which includes a variety of music, “Quiet Praise”, which includes a variety of old and new gospel selections, and “Quiet Christmas” which includes 23 Christmas favorites. Two of the CD’s include original compositions.

She has written a harp method book for Mel Bay Publishing, which sells very well at home and abroad. Darlene has also written nine other harp music books which sell worldwide. These books can be found on the “Rees Harps” web sites.

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Dinners and receptions are among her favorite venues. She entertained at the arts award dinner VIP reception in Indianapolis. At this event, her music was featured in the eulogy video for the late Governor Frank O’Bannon. Also, Darlene performed at the State House for the Inauguration Day Reception in Governor Mitch Daniel’s office. Governor Daniels invited Darlene back for his second inauguration. She played at his VIP reception for his family and close friends. She played by the Wall of Diamonds at the Kentucky Derby Festival, as well.

Darlene played several times in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. She also played in the Dialysis unit at Good Samaritan, and in labor and delivery. The live harp music was very beneficial for the babies, the patients, nurses, and the family members.

As a part of Rees Harps, Darlene is the showroom manager, strings harps, helps with shipping, answers phones, helps coordinate orders, and demonstrates and sells the wonderful Rees harps. When God opened the door to Rees Harps, it led to the fulfillment of Darlene’s lifelong dream.

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Now Darlene has completed the IHTP. This is the International Harp Therapy Program. She will be a certified therapy harp practitioner (CTHP). Darlene will be playing at the bedside in hospitals, nursing facilities, hospice, dementia and Alzheimer units, or wherever there are sick and suffering people.