Lesson 1

Welcome to your first harp lesson with Darlene. This lesson is free! In this lesson you will learn the basics of reading music, parts of the harp, where notes are on the harp, and a couple of easy songs to start with. Don’t forget to download our complimentary support files under the video (only downloadable on a laptop or desktop computer and can be printed if desired).

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We hope you enjoyed your first harp lesson. To continue learning the harp please go to our Start Lessons page or click the “Buy Lesson 2 Add to Cart” button. If you’d like to know more about how our lessons work before continuing, please go to our How Lessons Work page.

Do you already know how to read music? Perhaps you’d like to just jump straight to playing songs. If this is so we offer music books too. You can check them out by clicking the button below.