Morgan Meadow Harp

(Double Morgan Harp Shown)

The Morgan Meadow Harp is back by popular demand! The Morgan Meadow is a concert lap harp.  With it’s light weight, this harp is ideal for harp therapy, while still retaining an incredibly resonant, full voice that Rees Harps are known for.  It comes with full concert quality Rees sharping levers and is also offered as a double harp with full Rees sharping.

  • 23 Strings
  • Full Rees Levers
  • 33 Inches Tall
  • 2.75 Octaves
  • A to G below middle C
  • 8 to 11 pounds (may vary with wood type)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Pricing: $2,400 (single)

Pricing: $3,500 (double)

Wood options: Maple, Cherry or Walnut

Morgan Meadow Padded Carrying Bag: $310

We do not take orders for the larger Rees harps online.  Please Call to order, so we can get your order just right for you! Please see the Ornamentation page if you would like to personalize your harp.

Darlene Walton (812) 577-7178.

When you purchase a harp you can add on any amount of accessories and get free shipping on the accessories! The only shipping you pay is for the harp itself. Go check out those accessories before you call to order. It’s a great deal!