All the ornamentation on Rees Concert Harps are handmade by members of their team.  They do not use sticker appliques or use lasers to cut our designs.  We use wooden veneer overlay for our designs. Each design is hand cut on a scroll saw by Garen Rees.  They have found that overlay ornamentation shows up much better than inlay ornamentation, especially in concert and performance settings. You can choose your favorite wooden veneer design below. They also offer two painted designs, which you can see below; Celtic Garland and Starry Starry Night.  Rees Harps take great care in creating each design by hand.  They pride themselves on great composition and the natural beauty of each of our harps.

If you have a custom idea for your Rees Harp please email email me with the details or design.  (HarpLessonsWithDarlene@gmail.com).  I will discuss the details with Melissa and Garen at Rees Harps.  (They are brilliant at what they do. ) They are more than happy to work with your idea and help you create the perfect veneer center design for your Rees Harp.  Please keep in mind that custom designs take a lot more time from our employees and will cost more than the designs shown below.  Melissa and Garen will determine whether the design or idea is possible or suitable for the harp.

I’m sorry to say that they do not do the following:
• Custom paintings
• Custom borders
• Painted borders
• Apply ornamentation to Harpsicle® Harps
• Apply ornamentation to any harp that is NOT a Rees Concert Harp
• Apply ornamentation to complete harps that have already been lacquered

We do not take orders for the larger Rees harps online.  Please Call to order, so we can get your order just right for you!

Darlene Walton (812) 577-7178.