Harpsicle® Harps

Below are examples showing all the color choices we have available for the Harpsicle® Harps. Click on the image to see a larger version.

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Due to high demand, there may be a 1-3 week waiting period for your harp.  It will be worth the wait!  Each harp is handmade to order.  Rees Harps does the best they can to get their orders out the door as quickly as possible. We (and they) appreciate your patience.

There are 7 different varieties of the Harpsicle® Harps to choose from! Click on each harp’s name to learn more about them and see which harp is right for you!

Harpsicle® Harp – $525
Plays in the keys of C and A minor. The basic Harpsicle® Harp is a great harp for beginners and at an affordable price. This harp does not have sharping levers. Available in color finishes or natural maple.

Sharpsicle™ Harp – $759
Plays in 6 different keys (C, D, G major and A, B, E minor). The Sharpsicle™ Harp is the next step up from the Harpsicle® Harp. This harp features Rees sharping levers on the C and F strings make this harp well suited for Celtic music. It has bridge pins on all the strings making it possible to install more levers if additional levers are desired later.

Flatsicle™ Harp – $810
Plays in 8 different keys (C,G,D,F major and A,E,B,D minor). The Flatsicle™ Harp has Rees sharping levers on the C, F, and B strings. It is the same as the Sharpsicle™ Harp but adds levers to the B strings making this harp suitable and very popular for harp therapy. Tuning the B levers to a B when the lever is in the up position allows the player to obtain a B flat when the lever is in the down position.

Fullsicle™ Harp – $1065
Plays in all 8 common Keys. The Fullsicle™ Harp is our most popular and top selling harp. This harp comes outfitted with a full set of Rees Levers on all strings. The Fullsicle™ Harp is well loved by skilled amateurs and played by traveling professionals all over the world.

Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp  – $1245
Plays in all 8 common keys. Enjoy ALLthe same great features of the Fullsicle™ Harp with the upgraded look, feel, and sound of the Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp. Available in beautiful elegant woods to swoon over. Your choice of solid cherry or walnut. This harp also features upgraded wound bass strings for a better feel and improved bass response.

Grand Harpsicle® Harp– $2050
Plug in and play!  An electric and semi-acoustic harp combining both worlds. This harp has 33 strings providing lower bass notes but keeps a compact and lightweight profile for the traveling harpist.

The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is one of the most unique harps available today. There is nothing like it and it has thrown tradition to the wind. The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is an electric harp, but if desired it can also be played acoustically. This is a feature not found in other electric harps. It is a full range harp with 33 strings, (two octaves below middle C and two and a half octaves above Middle C.) but weighs no more than a professional electric guitar (around 11-12 pounds.) It can be played as a floor harp or strapped on to play while standing and moving. It can even be played like a lap harp when used with the Harpsicle® Stick.

Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp – $2,750.00
The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp is the next step forward in light lever harps. This floor-harp has a gigantic voice that retains all the character and warmth of an all-wood instrument while being lightweight enough to easily take to virtually any location. The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp includes a professional-quality pickup and pre-amp and there is a quarter-inch jack in the back of the harp to make plug and play both fast and easy.

Rees Concert Harps

FREE Complete Lesson Package with the Purchase of any Rees Concert Harp **$200 Value**

If you would like to order a concert harp, please call Darlene Walton at 812-577-7178 or email at harplessonswithdarlene@gmail.com

Morgan Meadow Harp

The Morgan Meadow Harp is back by popular demand! The Morgan Meadow is a concert lap harp.  With its light weight, this harp is ideal for harp therapy, while still retaining an incredibly resonant, full voice that Rees Harps are known for.  It comes with full concert quality Rees sharping levers and is also offered as a double harp with full Rees sharping.

More info on the Morgan Meadow

Shaylee Meadow Harp

The Shaylee Meadow is a compact harp with a big voice and comes standard with full concert quality Rees sharping levers.  The Shaylee is well suited for personal play, therapeutic applications or any intimate venue.  This harp has the modern, comfortable string tension which supports greater volume and reduces the need for a strong hand attack.  The Shaylee is also offered as a double harp for those who want to expand their playing technique and explore the advantages of two rows of mirrored strings for double the fun. This luscious double harp also comes with full Rees sharping levers and a rich voice.

More info on the Shaylee Meadows

Mariposa Harp

All Rees Concert Line harps are known for their light but comfortably solid string feel.  The 34-string Mariposa is light in weight and features string spacing preferred by Celtic players along with a big voice.  The Mariposa comes standard with full concert quality Rees sharping levers.  Exclusive to Rees harps, the Mariposa is offered in two ranges A to C or F to A and our narrow 1/2” rounded shoulder for additional comfort when playing.

More info on the Mariposa

Aberdeen Meadows Harp

The Aberdeen Meadows Harp is made to be large – large in both voice and stature.  The string action of the Aberdeen is designed to support very light touch, with subtlety and color, while still rising to full voice allowing for a comprehensive dynamic range.  This harp is an impressive performance instrument.  The Aberdeen comes standard with full concert quality Rees sharping levers.  The Aberdeen also has a narrow 1/2” rounded shoulder providing comfort and ease of play.  Unique to Rees Harps, the Aberdeen can be ordered in the standard C to C range or the lower A to A.  Both harps are the same size.

More info on the Aberdeen Meadows