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“One day on the streets of the magical little town of Rising Sun, I thought I heard the angels playing. When I followed my ears to its source, I found I was correct; I met a person as beautiful as the music she was making. Darlene Walton has successfully introduced countless others to the world of the harp. I’ve enjoyed bringing her together with individuals and entire audiences, and watching her inspire and teach newcomers to this most special of instruments. For anyone so inclined, I doubt there’s a better way to start.”
– Mitchell Daniels

“Listening to Darlene and her harp is like watching a hummingbird pull the nectar from a flower. It’s soothing and spiritual. She’s been a professional musician much of her adult life but when she picked up the harp it was like when Jimi Hendrix picked up that electric guitar, a perfect fitting. She brings joy and peace to the many who have had the privilege of hearing her music. I am so proud of you, my friend.”
– Trudy Warren

“Darlene Walton, a talented musician and teacher, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Florida. Her friendly warm spirit always greets you with a smile. More importantly, I have enjoyed playing and sharing from her therapeutic harp music books in a variety of healthcare settings. Take a moment and get to know Darlene and her music. You’ll be glad you did.”
– Francesca Durham

“As someone who had no previous harp knowledge, I was so very glad to find Darlene Walton to instruct me in playing the harp. I was limited in practice time, as a mom with several children, but Darlene approached my lesson time in a relaxed and encouraging manner, and I always left feeling positive about my progress, yet challenged to continue to work to improve. Darlene is an excellent musician and harp player, as well as teacher, and she taught good technique as well as musicality and expression. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a harp teacher! “
– Sara Barkdoll

“I have known Darlene Walton my whole life. When I was around eight years old, I began learning the basics of harp playing under the tutelage of Darlene. I then continued with her for approximately eight more years. Darlene taught me a variety of skills straight from the beginning of our time together. For example, she taught me how to read music, how to place my fingers on the strings, the different sizes and kinds of harps plus other information such as the cultural background of the harp and the Irish music I was playing. While studying with her, Darlene gave me scales, arpeggios and a variety of music to learn. This variety of music included country, religious and classical music. Learning to play the harp has been such an amazing experience for me. Personally, I have been able to play at several musical events (both church and community related), two weddings and a handful of dinner gatherings. I know that there are many other opportunities to showcase my harp playing skills such as in orchestras, music therapy, weddings and funerals. The formal events and other possibilities are endless. Darlene Walton has taught me what it means to study and appreciate all types of music. I highly recommend Darlene as a harp instructor because she has taught me so much. Not only have I personally been instructed about the harp, but also I have received knowledge on music in general. She is extremely well educated in various aspects of music and music theory.”
– Veronica Stahl

“I started learning the harp late in life.  I found Darlene to be very patient and understanding as I enjoyed learning this new musical instrument!  I have arthritis in my hands and the exercise of playing the harp has helped a great deal.  It has also helped a lot with my coordination.  It’s great for senior citizens!  My lessons were about me enjoying playing the harp, not becoming a performer.  It was a great experience!”
– Judy Irwin

“My harp lessons were the first musical lessons that I have had.  The lessons with Darlene were fun and I enjoyed learning to play.  I just loved it and I love Darlene too, she is a sweet person.”
– Barbara Schuler

“I love working with Darlene.  She is personable, patient, and very good one on one.  I was older when I began my lessons, and I had no musical ability.  Darlene met me on my level and made me feel very comfortable while I learned the harp.  She has a great knowledge of the harp and is a wonderful teacher. “
– Robin Shupp

“Oh, I just loved the harp lessons, they were so enjoyable.  I am a self-taught piano player and I play mainly by ear.  Darlene was able to teach me the harp basics, fingering, hand position, and show me how I could take my skills and apply them to the harp.  Learning the harp has brought joy to my heart and joy to my Church.  I love it, and can never thank Darlene enough.”
– Lori Stohr